Category BCM112 – Convergent Media Practices

My BCM112 Journey

In the introductory lecture for Convergent Media Practices in Week One I was surprised to find that all three of the assessments for the subject were related, and that each built upon the previous in helping to improve our understanding of ‘convergence’ in preparation for the final essay due in Week 12. Having already studied […]

A question of responsibility: Policing online discrimination

We live in a society that is inevitably and universally concerned with safety. From your Dad checking you have enough money for a taxi when you finish work late, to your friends making sure you made it home ok from that party last night, we have come to expect a certain level of concern from […]

Gatekeepers v Gatewatchers

The phenomenon of citizen journalism is changing the way audiences receive their news and the value they place on media content. As the technology we depend on to access online media platforms has grown, so too has our ability to create user-generated content which is immediately and easily accessible to worldwide audiences. This content flows […]

Remixing into the future

Culture has and always will depend on societal appreciation of, connection to and love for the creative content of that culture (Lessig 2008).The read-write culture we are living in today facilitates the creation of new music, as users are working collaboratively to develop and expand upon already existing content. We are pooling our combined creative […]

A Global Community of Nerds

Global media distribution has been revolutionised by the internet. Naturally, as the internet and the powerful claws of social media have come to pervade every aspect of our lives, there has been a change in the way users interact. A change in the way they share and distribute information. A change in the way the content they […]

The Transmedia Appeal

Audiences today demand to be engaged. We seek entertainment from multiple channels and gain enjoyment from our fictional experiences in a way that is constantly pushing the boundaries of already existing content. The transmedia narrative is told across multiple channels, each channel producing a different entry point into the narrative. Coherence is achieved as audiences […]

OUR Media Revolution

Although many are not aware of it, we are living in a time of media transformation. The dialogic design of the internet is allowing us to share information with others in a way we never have before. Clay Shirky defined this new trend; ‘The moment our historical generation are living through is the largest increase in […]

Our Choice: Protecting the future of free digital content

The way we access the internet is changing. Since the emergence of wireless technology we have seen a fundamental change to our perception of access. Wireless has made the experience of using the internet as Clay Shirky put it, ‘much more embedded in our daily practise’. We no longer only access the internet by sitting […]

The Solution to our Copyright Dilemma

Studying Convergent Media Practises has so far opened my mind to a wealth of new ideas I had never considered before. This week, I discovered that the clash between copyright law and this generation’s use of digital content and technology has all but put a stop to the future of these very ‘ideas’. If we […]