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Reviewing the Reviews: A Media Issue destined for a future bright with coverage

It is inevitable that a news story will progress. The media’s coverage of an issue will constantly change shape, evolving and expanding as greater awareness of the issue emerges and audience interest sparks a push for new angles on the story to be taken. The media coverage of the recent Federal Government reviews into the […]

Sourcing information on the Convergence Review

On the last day of April the Federal government released the Final Report of the Convergence Review to the nation. Some very information hungry news sources were waiting and pounced on the Report, generating a wealth of commentary, analysis and opinion across the media landscape for their audiences to enjoy. In fact they were speculating […]

A New Alternative: Seven West’s Independent Media Council

The media’s coverage of the Finkelstein review has taken a new turn since Seven West Media made the decision on the 4th of April to withdraw from the Australian Press Council. Seven West Media is one of Australia’s largest media businesses, and indeed the largest diversified media business in the country, as it’s ownership extends over several […]

The Window: Public Comment

Where do you get your information from? Do you browse the daily broadsheet for the most interesting headline? Listen to the radio in the car on your way to work? Perhaps you rush home to catch the 7 o’clock news every night. Or maybe – and I think this option is becoming by far the […]

Academic debate, political squabble, and the ‘muzzling’ of free speech – How the print media’s take on the Finkelstein media inquiry has progressed.

One Issue. Four Newspapers. Four different editorial opinions on this  issue. And the possibility of four vastly different audiences. In the past two weeks the commentary on the Finkelstein report provided by our four major daily newspapers has expanded into a crossfire of accusations from one newspaper to the next; a collection of articles emerging […]

The Media’s representation of an issue very close to their (corporate) heart

In 2011 the Australian community, along with the rest of the globe, was confronted with a British scandal. It was a scandal that was depicted by the global media as threatening the integrity of the media industry in England and it encouraged extensive news coverage and public commentary of this issue throughout Australia. The Australian […]