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Children’s dreams brought to life at Woodford

Monsters roam the streets at Woodford Folk Festival each year, scaring festival goers and generally wreaking havoc as street theatre performers tend to do. A one-eyed, friendly giant called Softie wanders around eating anything in sight; particularly children. Alongside him the ten heads of Spike, the three-horned green monster, roam in every direction and towering […]

Wollongong’s Papergirls building community connections as they deliver free art

Papergirl started in Berlin in 2006 in protest against a law that prohibited street artists displaying posters in public. It has since become a worldwide street art project. In Wollongong, which was the first city in NSW to participate in the project, Papergirl is now in its second year. Papergirl Wollongong Project Coordinator, Emily Gunthorpe […]