Monthly Archives: March 2012

OUR Media Revolution

Although many are not aware of it, we are living in a time of media transformation. The dialogic design of the internet is allowing us to share information with others in a way we never have before. Clay Shirky defined this new trend; ‘The moment our historical generation are living through is the largest increase in […]

Our Choice: Protecting the future of free digital content

The way we access the internet is changing. Since the emergence of wireless technology we have seen a fundamental change to our perception of access. Wireless has made the experience of using the internet as Clay Shirky put it, ‘much more embedded in our daily practise’. We no longer only access the internet by sitting […]

Academic debate, political squabble, and the ‘muzzling’ of free speech – How the print media’s take on the Finkelstein media inquiry has progressed.

One Issue. Four Newspapers. Four different editorial opinions on this  issue. And the possibility of four vastly different audiences. In the past two weeks the commentary on the Finkelstein report provided by our four major daily newspapers has expanded into a crossfire of accusations from one newspaper to the next; a collection of articles emerging […]

The Media’s representation of an issue very close to their (corporate) heart

In 2011 the Australian community, along with the rest of the globe, was confronted with a British scandal. It was a scandal that was depicted by the global media as threatening the integrity of the media industry in England and it encouraged extensive news coverage and public commentary of this issue throughout Australia. The Australian […]

The Solution to our Copyright Dilemma

Studying Convergent Media Practises has so far opened my mind to a wealth of new ideas I had never considered before. This week, I discovered that the clash between copyright law and this generation’s use of digital content and technology has all but put a stop to the future of these very ‘ideas’. If we […]

Thrown into the depths of blogging

Avid readers of my first blog post, To be honest I’d never considered attempting to write a blog till I attended last weeks BCM112 lecture. I was amazed to discover that a huge 40% of my mark for the subject is an assessment of my creative ability to post tweets and discuss what is happening […]